Please note that this is a personal project, and is not available for purchase at this time.
Like many fans, I wish there was an official Harry Potter themed MONOPOLY. Currently there isn't one, so I've made my own. I've combined the original game of MONOPOLY with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to create WIZARDOPOLY.
To create a MONOPOLY board based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, there are endless options to consider. After much time spent brainstorming, and multiple board options, I chose to create the Hogwarts theme. The board was created with the idea that players could be students of any year at Hogwarts. For example, instead of Dumbledore's Office, I opted for Headmaster's Office. Doing so will prolong the relativity of the game.
Using the original board design of MONOPOLY as a starting point, I swapped out elements of the game to follow the Hogwarts theme. 
  •  GO became Platform 9¾, naturally. 
  •  Rather than Jail and Go To Jail, students would be sent to Detention. 
  •  Free Parking was changed to Broom Parking. 
  •  Houses and Hotels were swapped for Cottages and Castles.
  •  Instead of Chance and Community Chest cards, we now have Owl Post.
  •  The railroads were changed to the Hogwarts Houses.
  •  Utilities were swapped for The Daily Prophet and The Quibbler.
Elements that did remain the same include the pricing and the cash itself. Maybe I will redesign the cash in the future... In the Wizarding World, they use coins for currency. I suppose I could have ordered 3D printed coins, but I personally like paper cash better. The instructions/rules of the game also remain the same although the design of the pamphlet pays tribute to the Marauders Map.
Title Deed Front
Title Deed Front
Title Deed Back
Title Deed Back
Title Deed Front
Title Deed Front
Title Deed Back
Title Deed Back
Local Magazine + Newspaper (Utilities)
Local Magazine + Newspaper (Utilities)
Owl Post
Instead of Chance and Community Chest, I decided to make all of those tiles Owl Post. Following tradition, if a player lands on an Owl Post tile, they draw a card (or a letter) and follow the directions. 
Everything from "Go to Detention" to "Get Out of Detention Free" is included. Players may owe fellow students money, or they may get paid by them! You never know what letters those owls may be delivering...
For my fellow Graphic Designers: these cards were printed from Moo. I ordered Raised Spot Gloss Business Cards, 19pt weight, soft touch. The front has a raised spot gloss finish to mimic the look and feel of a wax seal. Thanks to the Printfinity option offered by Moo, the back contains 50 different letters. I won't lie... these are my favourite part of the entire project!
Overall, the box likely underwent the most changes.
The initial design of the bottom box started out entirely different than the one you see below. The one thing I really tried to stick to was: if I could sell this in a store, what would it need to look like. Without including product imagery or references to the game of MONOPOLY, it would be unfair to assume someone would understand what it was. Everyone wants to know what's in the box they are buying right?
On the bottom of the box we have a minor introduction about the game, enticing people to want to play. A picture of the game board, and new elements exclusive to this edition. On the sides I included some spell-themed artwork which can only be seen once the box is open.
For the top, I've used the same artwork as the one on the centre of the board and added the Hogwarts School Crest. On two sides of the top box, I've included a barcode, my personal logo, age range, and the number of players required. On the remaining two sides we have the title of the game. The theory is that if the game was stacked in store, the title might catch your eye if the top of the box wasn't visible. 
A HUGE thank you to Tamas CserepRAW AF for the incredible artwork. Tamas is a talented, and skilled artist - I absolutely adore their style. I could have never done this portion of the project myself and been happy with the outcome so I'm super thankful to have had the opportunity to work together.
The board and box was printed by Board Game Makers. The title deeds, instructions are from Georgian Copy and Print. The Owl Post letters were ordered from Moo. 
Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible! ❤
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